Monday, May 7, 2012

On planning a new trip

Over a year has passed since I flew out of Bangalore, minus one stone in weight, plus several parasitic friends. I've put those pounds back on, I look pale and sickly. I've sat in an office for nearly a year, and now it can't be contained any longer. It's time to scratch those itchy feet.

This time, somewhere a little less exotic. This time, somewhere a little less...well, India. I did love India, and I will definitely return. But it's so exasperating and frustrating. It stinks as well as shines, and I think my stomach could do with a less of a roller coaster. Suddenly, sauerkraut doesn't sound too bad after all. After flitting between several destinations - flirting with France, ruminating on Romania - I've decided on central Europe. I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of places I want to go: my initially Barcelona-Berlin plan was ridiculously overambitious. I've toned it down somewhat. So, I'll begin in the German capital next week sometime (my mum: 'don't you need a special visa? It's in East Germany after all' - really?), and then meander through the Czech Republic, Poland (and maybe Slovakia), Hungary, Austria, Croatia and, time/finances permitting, Italy. I fell in love with Italy when I visited last autumn (who doesn't?) and would love to see some more.

I have a few friends to see along the way, but will essentially be travelling on my own. To paraphrase Tim Cahill, the best travels are measured in friends made and experiences gained, not miles travelled.

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